Volcano Resources


This map of Southeast Asia shows the volcanoes with historical eruptions (less than 10 000 years old).

Major tectonic structures around Mayon volcano (southeast Luzon, Philippines): central segment of the Philippine fault and the major fault splays identified south and north of it (after 

Monitoring instruments network on Mayon volcano, Philippines. Mayon is one of EOS Lab Volcanoes.

Map of the "Ring of Fire" showing volcanoes, seismicity and plate boundaries around the Pacific Ocean.


DIPRA is a user-friendly program to model multi-element diffusion in olivine with applications to timescales of magmatic processes. This software was created by Társilo Girona and Fidel Costa.


Little Guilin is probably Singapore's most dramatic and accessible exposure of bedrock, showing two stages of magma intrusion more than 230 million years ago to form plutonic igneous rocks.


Do you know that the amount of magma produced by one of Santorini’s eruptions was large enough to blanket Singapore with more than fourteen metres of magma?


Left hand side: Inversion results for n = 1, Q = 170, f = 10 Hz and b = 1 km s−1 .


Analogous experiment designed to investigate the effect of solidification on a propagating dyke.

Education and Learning

This webinar was part of the preparations for the Subduction Zone Observatory workshop held on 29 September to 1 October 2016 at the Boise Centre in Boise, Idaho, USA.


WOVOdat is a comprehensive global database on volcanic unrest aimed at understanding pre-eruptive processes and improving eruption forecasts.