Data schemas for multiple hazards, exposure and vulnerability

TitleData schemas for multiple hazards, exposure and vulnerability
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMurnane RJ, Allegri G, Bushi A, Dabbeek J, de Moel H, Duncan M, Fraser S, Galasso C, Giovando C, Henshaw P, Horsburgh K, Huyck C, Jenkins SF, Johnson C, Kamihanda G, Kijazi J, Kikwasi W, Kombe W, Loughlin S, Løvholt F, Masanja A, Mbongoni G, Minas S, Msabi M, Msechu M, Mtongori H, Nadim F, O’Hara M, Pagani M, Phillips E, Rossetto T, Rudari R, Sangana P, Silva V, Twigg J, Uhinga G, Verrucci E
JournalDisaster Prevention and Management
Date Published12/2019

Using risk-related data often require a significant amount of upfront work to collect, extract and transform data. In addition, the lack of a consistent data structure hinders the development of tools that can be used with more than one set of data. The purpose of this paper is to report on an effort to solve these problems through the development of extensible, internally consistent schemas for risk-related data.