Handbook of Sea-Level Research

TitleHandbook of Sea-Level Research
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsShennan I, Long AJ, Horton BP
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
ISBNPrint ISBN: 9781118452585
Other NumbersOnline ISBN: 9781118452547

Measuring sea-level change - be that rise or fall - is one of the most pressing scientific goals of our time and requires robust scientific approaches and techniques.  This Handbook aims to provide a practical guide to readers interested in this challenge, from the initial design of research approaches through to the practical issues of data collection and interpretation from a diverse range of coastal environments.  Building on thirty years of international research, the Handbook comprises 38 chapters that are authored by leading experts from around the world.  The Handbook will be an important resource to scientists interested and involved in understanding sea-level changes across a broad range of disciplines, policy makers wanting to appreciate our current state of knowledge of sea-level change over different timescales, and many teachers at the university level, as well as advanced-level undergraduates and postgraduate research students, wanting to learn more about sea-level change.