Relationships between diatoms and tidal environments in Oregon and Washington, USA

TitleRelationships between diatoms and tidal environments in Oregon and Washington, USA
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSawai Y, Horton BP, Kemp AC, Hawkes AD, Nagumo T, Nelson AR
JournalDiatom Research
Date Published03/2016
Keywordsdiatom assemblages, multivariate analysis, Oregon coast, Salt marsh, tidal environments, Washington coast

A new regional dataset comprising 425 intertidal diatom taxa from 175 samples from 11 ecologically diverse Oregon and Washington estuaries illustrates the importance of compiling a large modern dataset from a range of sites. Cluster analyses and detrended correspondence analysis of the diatom assemblages identify distinct vertical zones within supratidal, intertidal and subtidal environments at six of the 11 study sites, but the abundance of some of the most common species varies widely among and within sites. Canonical correspondence analysis of the regional dataset shows relationships between diatom species and tidal exposure, salinity and substratum (grain size and organic content). Correspondence analyses of local datasets show higher values of explained variation than the analysis of the combined regional dataset. Our results emphasize that studies of the autecology of diatom species require many samples from a range of modern environments to adequately characterize species–environment relationships.