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As Observatory scientists address geohazard challenges for southeast Asia, the Community Engagement Office strives to share the work and expertise of our scientists. With established channels of communication, we reach a growing audience of interested and engaged users. Our outreach and education initiatives aim to connect with a broader audience, developing deeper relationships with both scientific and non-scientific communities worldwide as we build public awareness of geohazards research.

Here you will find a selection of short videos created in-house by the Community Engagement Office. To view more videos, please visit our YouTube Channel.



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Discover Singapore Through a Geologist’s Eyes

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Discover Singapore Through a Geologist’s Eyes

28 Dec 2020

A rock collection might not seem exciting at first sight. But do you know that the collection from the newly opened Geology Gallery at the Sentosa Nature Discovery, reveals Singapore’s geological past?

Here is an interesting fact: Singapore’s geological past was not always as quiet as it is now. The rocks on display at the Gallery provide clues to each environment Singapore once experienced. By gathering these clues, scientists can put together a narrative of our small island-state’s geological history spanning hundreds of millions of years.

300 million years ago, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur were located thousands of kilometres away from each other. Today, this distance has shortened to approximately 355 kilometres. This phenomenon can be explained by the movement of plate tectonics.

Millions of years ago, Kuala Lumpur was on a different tectonic plate than Singapore, with an ocean separating these plates. The ocean then slowly disappeared as the crust...

All About the Official Home of the EOS Dynamic Earth Games

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All About the Official Home of the EOS Dynamic Earth Games

24 Apr 2019

When the time came for us to choose a place to house the EOS Dynamic Earth Games, the answer was a clear and obvious one – the Science Centre Singapore (SCS).

SCS has an impressive 40-year record of making science fun and accessible to the public. They successfully reach out to and engage more than one million visitors annually.

We, at the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), know just how capable the SCS team is. We have worked with them over the years on various projects and launches (e.g. “Earth: Our Untamed Planet” exhibit currently in SCS, and the film screening of EOS documentary The Ratu River). Most recently, we spent the past six months working closely with SCS and acclaimed Californian science museum, The Exploratorium, on a new earth science exhibition called The Dynamic Earth (but that’s another exciting story for another exciting day).

Therefore, to house the Dynamic Earth Games in SCS makes perfect sense as it would serve to complete the...

The Brains Behind the EOS Dynamic Earth Games

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The Brains Behind the EOS Dynamic Earth Games

17 Apr 2019

When the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) first decided to create educational materials about the earth sciences, all we knew then was that we wanted something extra fun, immersive, and highly interactive. The EOS Dynamic Earth Games that we have now were not yet in our minds.

The search for a team who could bring this to life for us was quite a task. That was until we met BOHO Interactive, a collective of artists and game designers from Australia.

During the planning phase, the BOHO team spent a good amount of time in EOS to learn about the different types of research being done by our scientists. They then shortlisted a few to build the games on. After developing several of these games, they tested the prototypes at different events with different audiences.

Earlier this year in January, BOHO Interactive visited Science Centre Singapore for three weeks of playtests to help them fine-tune the games for the final phase. This is where I get to enjoy...


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