Dynamic Earth Games

The Dynamic Earth Games is a new interactive workshop organised by the Earth Observatory of Singapore and the Science Centre Singapore. Developed specifically for students aged 12 to 16, this educational workshop explores the fundamental scientific principles behind typhoons and volcanoes through interactive games.


The new Dynamic Earth Games workshop series will be made available to students in collaboration with ‘Earth Alive’, the current EOS exhibition at the Science Centre. During the workshop, students will be introduced to a variety of games that simulate different natural hazards crises, providing students with opportunities to engage in critical thinking and decision-making.

There are three streams of games, each exploring different aspects of geohazard crises:

  • Volcanoes and typhoons
  • Assessing risk
  • Evacuation

Over 60 minutes, students will play a selection of games from each stream. The intent of these activities is to raise awareness of the impacts and dangers of natural crises among students. To further enhance the learning experience, lesson guides and facilitated discussions are included. The workshop will conclude with a tour of the ‘Earth Alive’ exhibition. 

To enquire about workshop dates, please contact schools@science.edu.sg.








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Earth Observatory of Singapore

EOS Team

Lauriane CHARDOT

Lauriane CHARDOT

Manager, Community Engagement

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