Scientific Dataset

The data acquired through our partnerships with Southeast Asian governmental monitoring and research institutions are part of cooperative agreements describing the data use. If you are interested in finding out more about monitoring data from the GPS networks or volcanoes please contact the Director of the Centre for Geohazard Observations.

Ambient Noise Cross-correlation and Shear Wave Velocity Model

The data for the ambient noise cross-correlation and shear wave velocity model for the related publication.

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Myanmar Velocity Model (v1)

The data for the Myanmar Velocity Model.

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WOVOdat is a comprehensive global database on volcanic unrest aimed at understanding pre-eruptive processes and improving eruption forecasts.

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Malay Thai Peninsula

The sea-level database from the Malay-Thai Peninsula.

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Pacific coast of central North America

A database of relative sea-level data for the Pacific coast of central North America (southern British Columbia to central California).

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Atlantic Coast of the United States

The Holocene sea-level database for the Atlantic coast of the United States.

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Global Common Era sea-level

This new global database contains 1344 sea-level index points derived from multi-proxy evidence to delimit global sea-level (GSL) trends over the past ~3000 years.

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