As part of its outreach efforts, EOS engages in informal education through seminars, media briefings, and exhibitions.

EOS has also invested in formal education efforts. With that aim in mind we partnered with NTU'S Division of Earth Sciences (DES) to develop and launch a new Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Earth Systems Science, starting in August 2014.


EOS and the Singapore Science Centre have collaborated to design and build the “Earth: Our Untamed Planet”. This exhibit highlights basic earth science concepts related to natural hazards and Southeast Asia’s diverse and dynamic geology and climate.

EOS frequently runs workshops and lectures aimed at increasing teachers’ awareness and knowledge about the earth sciences.

GeoTouch is a multi-touch display and information portal developed by the Earth Observatory of Singapore. It was originally designed for the GIS scientists working in EOS so that they can display their data in a showcase location and share it.

EOS scientists are learning how to share their research with fellow scientists and a broader audience from Language and Communication Specialist Pavel Adamek.