Engaging Schools and Educators

Teacher Work Attachment (TWA) Programme
The Earth Observatory is partnering with the Ministry of Education on the Teacher Work Attachment programme. This programme will allow the teachers to experience working at the Observatory for two weeks. This opportunity includes sessions with the different research groups to understand their work, as well as a short stint in the Community Engagement Office. There, they will gain insight into the day-to-day work of the communications team, from handling crisis communications and social media presence to conceptualising videos and animations to creating useful open-source educational materials.

Key takeaways for teachers include real-life case studies and insights from the scientists and the outreach team.

GeoConnect & Teachers’ Conference 2019

Events such as GeoConnect and Teachers’ Conference provided excellent opportunities for  reaching out and sharing our work with geography teachers. At GeoConnect 2019,  we were able to share educational materials we have developed like Earth Girl: Volcano and the Dynamic Earth Games.

This year, climate expert Professor Benjamin Horton from the Observatory gave a talk on sea-level rise at the Teachers’ Conference, organised by the Ministry of Education. He shared with attendees the reality of rising sea levels and its threat to Singapore’s sovereignty. Stressing the importance of leading by example, he hopes that Singapore would become a carbon-neutral nation and that the contribution of the country would result in a butterfly effect globally.

Talks and Assemblies

Observatory scientists are keen on engaging the students in current issues such as sea-level rise and climate change, or even sharing their knowledge on the geology of Singapore through talks or assemblies.

Keen to have an earth scientist give a talk to your students? Write in to us here lchardot@ntu.edu.sg.

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