The Air Pollution and Health team's research focuses on the interactions between climate and air quality, and the resultant impacts on public health and ecosystem. The team's ongoing research is to develop, advance and utilize the state-of-the-art multi-scale atmospheric models, along with measurement and statistical approaches, to understand the mechanisms that drive the climate-air quality interactions, and evaluate the impacts on human exposure, mosquito abundance and soil acidity.
Particular interests are in investigating air quality impacts of sectoral emissions and transboundary air pollution at multiple spatial scales, studying regional climate change due to land-use changes and global climate change, and evaluating and quantifying the effects of air pollution on respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The team also assesses and develops emission control scenarios to provide scientific-based policy solutions for a sustainable environment in present and future years.


Development of a prediction system to forecast air quality and the risk of interstitial lung diseases in Southeast Asia

Air pollution is reported to cause adverse burdens on human health and has become one of the critica...
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Prudential EOS Climate Impacts Initiative

The Prudential EOS Climate Impacts Initiative aims to assess the past trend of air pollutants and he...
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The Team

Steve YIM

Steve YIM

Principal Investigator

FANG Tingting

FANG Tingting

Research Fellow

HU Jie

HU Jie

PhD Student

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