Project Overview

The Sunda megathrust has received a lot of attention in the last decade. However, information on the Sumatran fault zone (SFZ), which traverses the entire 1900-km length of Sumatra, is still lacking. The SFZ is a right-lateral strike-slip fault, accommodating a significant portion of the plate convergence that is oblique to the Sunda trench. The SFZ is segmented (Sieh and Natawidjaja, 2000), and the slip rate varies for each segment, but rates are poorly known, particularly at the southern end of the SFZ.

The SuMo project was conceived by EOS postdocs Iwan Hermawan and Ashar Lubis (now a faculty member at the University of Bengkulu, Sumatra). The plan is to conduct a series of GPS campaigns along the SFZ, with the goal of providing a more detailed picture of slip rates, locking depths, and segmentation along the fault. Students from the University of Bengkulu will be trained to collect and process the GPS data as part of their term projects, with participation as well from EOS students.

Project Years

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

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The Team



Principal Investigator



Research Fellow

Kerry SIEH

Kerry SIEH

Founding Director Emeritus, EOS

FENG Lujia

FENG Lujia

Principal Research Fellow


Co-Principal Investigator: Ashar Lubis (University of Bengkulu)

Collaborator: Danny Natawidjaja (LIPI)

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