By studying land-level changes over the past 1,000 years, Sieh and Meltzner and their teams have gained a better understanding of earthquake behaviour along the Sumatran portion of the Sunda subduction zone; this will lead to improved forecasts for places such as the Mentawai gap, a section of the fault that hasn't triggered a major earthquake in two centuries.

Funding Sources

  • National Research Foundation
  • Earth Observatory of Singapore

Project Years

2008 to 2024

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Related Publications

Year 2021

Long-lived shallow slow-slip events on the Sunda megathrust

Rishav Mallick, Aron J. Meltzner, Emma M. Hill, Eric O. Lindsey, Louisa L.H. Tsang, & Lujia Feng

Year 2020

Diverse Slip Behavior of the Banyak Islands Subsegment of the Sunda Megathrust in Sumatra, Indonesia

Paul M. Morgan, Aron J. Meltzner, Emma M. Hill, Lujia Feng, & Rishav Mallick

The Team



Principal Investigator



Research Fellow

Kerry SIEH

Kerry SIEH

Founding Director Emeritus, EOS


Gayatri Indah Marliyani, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Bambang Suwargadi, LIPI
Chuan-Chou (River) Shen, National Taiwan University
Hong-Wei Chiang, National Taiwan University
Belle Philibosian, USGS
Rishav Mallick, Caltech
Paul Morgan, University of Washington

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