Project Overview

Rupture durations and other physical processes of tsunami earthquakes show strong variations and the underlying mechanisms of both earthquake and tsunami generations have not been understood. Here we propose to revisit the tsunami earthquakes in Sumatra (2010 Mw7.8) and Java (1994 Mw7.8, 2006 Mw7.8) through a combination of new sets of data (including high-resolution bathymetry, seismic reflection profiles, and a new fault catalog); and a set of innovative techniques, including high-frequency waveform modeling and a hybrid 3D wavefield simulation approach that incorporates the complicated bathymetry, fluid-solid interface as well as 3D velocity structure near the trench.

Funding Sources

  • Earth Observatory of Singapore

Project Years

2017, 2018

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The Team

WEI Shengji

WEI Shengji

Principal Investigator

ZENG Hongyu

ZENG Hongyu

PhD Student


Wu Wenbo, Department of Geosciences, Princeton University

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