Singapore lies in one of the most volcanically active and densely populated regions in the world. Forecasting when an eruption will occur, and what the consequences will be, remains one of the major challenges of volcanology and this is where the work of our group focusses. Our main research interests include:

  • How to interrogate eruption catalogues to forecast eruption styles, magnitudes and frequencies;
  • Probabilistic quantification of future volcanic hazards;
  • Assessing the exposure of humans, buildings and assets in hazardous areas;
  • Quantifying the physical vulnerability of exposure to volcanic hazards through theoretical, empirical and experimental approaches;

Through this we hope to better understand the likely future impacts of volcanic eruptions, leading to safer and more sustainable societies.


Remotely Quantifying Eruption Impacts and Recovery

Volcanic impact assessment currently relies on a small dataset sourced from detailed post-event fiel...
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Selected Publications

Year 2022

Evaluating and ranking Southeast Asia's exposure to explosive volcanic hazards

Susanna F. Jenkins, Andrea Verolino, Eleanor Tennant, Elinor S. Meredith, Geoffrey A. Lerner, George T. Williams, et al.

Year 2022

The hazards of unconfined pyroclastic density currents: A new synthesis and classification according to their deposits, dynamics, and thermal and impact characteristics

Geoffrey A. Lerner, Jean-Christophe Komorowski, Peter J. Baxter, Susanna F. Jenkins, & Sylvain J. Charbonnier

Year 2021

How rainfall influences tephra fall loading — an experimental approach

George T. Williams, Daniel W.J. Lee, Shi Jun Wee, & Susanna F. Jenkins

The Team



Principal Investigator

Elinor Siwan MEREDITH

Elinor Siwan MEREDITH

Research Fellow



PhD Student

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