GPS-based slip models of one M-w 7.2 and twenty moderate earthquakes along the Sumatran plate boundary

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Earthquake-induced deformation along the Sumatran plate boundary has been monitored by the Sumatran GPS Array (SuGAr) since 2002. This continuous GPS network recorded the coseismic deformation of 10 earthquakes with moment magnitude (M-w) larger than 7 and 20 with M-w in the range of 5.9-7 from 2002 to 2013. Among all these recorded events, one large M-w 7.2 event and most of the moderate ones (5.9 <= m-w="">< 7)="" have="" yet="" to="" be="" modeled="" with="" available="" gps="" data.="" this="" is="" partially="" due="" to="" the="" limited="" number=""><= 4)="" of="" stations="" that="" recorded="" each="" event.="" in="" this="" paper,="" we="" explore="" the="" possibility="" of="" using="" the="" limited="" observations="" to="" derive="" sensible="" slip="" models="" for="" these="" "forgotten"="" sumatran="" events.="" we="" model="" each="" event="" as="" a="" single="" rectangular="" patch="" of="" uniform="" slip="" and="" constrain="" most="" of="" the="" patch="" parameters="" using="" external="" information="" based="" on="" slab="" geometry="" and="" global="" teleseismic="" catalogs.="" for="" each="" event,="" we="" use="" a="" grid-search="" approach="" to="" find="" the="" preferred="" location="" of="" slip="" patches,="" which="" we="" present="" along="" with="" contours="" of="" error-weighted="" variance="" explained="" to="" indicate="" the="" uncertainties.="" we="" compare="" the="" center="" locations="" of="" our="" final="" slip="" patches="" with="" the="" centroid="" locations="" from="" the="" global="" centroid="" moment="" tensor="" (gcmt)="" catalog="" and="" the="" epicenter="" locations="" from="" four="" other="" global="" catalogs.="" our="" results="" show="" that="" the="" gcmt="" centroid="" locations="" for="" the="" 21="" sumatran="" earthquakes="" are="" systematically="" biased="" toward="" the="" southwest="" relative="" to="" the="" centers="" of="" our="" slip="" patches,="" while="" the="" epicenter="" locations="" from="" the="" four="" other="" catalogs="" are="" all="" consistently="" shifted="" toward="" the="" northeast.="" although="" the="" available="" data="" have="" no="" resolving="" power="" for="" other="" source="" parameters,="" we="" find="" that="" simple="" forward="" modeling="" based="" on="" sparse="" but="" reliable="" near-field="" gps="" data="" generally="" provides="" less="" biased="" and="" more="" accurate="" locations="" than="" global="" teleseismic="" catalogs="" along="" the="" sumatran="" plate="" boundary.="" the="" catalog="" of="" slip="" models="" we="" present="" will="" have="" particular="" utility="" in="" the="" event="" of="" other="" significant="" earthquakes="" being="" generated="" by="" the="" same="" or="" proximal="" areas="" of="" the="" sunda="">

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